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About Video - More Gifted Than God #gifts #pastor #christianity #free #god #spirituality Recently a popular megachurch owner and self-proclaimed pastor or prophet uttered some outrageous claims judging by the furor amongst other commentators in Zimbabwe. So called Prophet Makandiwa claimed he was more gifted than God. Was he correct? The shocking answer is YES! Was he wrong again the shocking answer is YES! Almost all responses to these utterances miss the mark by light years. His critics too do not know what they are saying. Almost all these Christian Prophet entrepreneurs, their Christian followers, Muslims and Jews Do NOT Know who and what is god? Do you know? This is the key to understanding his crude attempts at PHILOSOPHY. Since we said this man is correct you must realize that he is correct in a very different angle. IF YOU mix up the crystal-clear concept of the real Unknowable, Nameless Creator with gods, divinities or goddesses, then any answer will be spot on. BUT we know he is wrong utterly due to his ignorance of what is GOD. Billions do not know too. So when they harass him they do so from their impure mind or thoughts on who and what is God. We offer you a book that lays an impregnable solid fact full and evidence packed book that will open your mental eyes to a world rarely explored. This book, a 618 pages tome: free from GOD.: Unveiling Spirituality That Breeds Wisdom, will critically expose traditional beliefs that have led the world to its catastrophic edge. You must be ready to explore new thoughts about Spirituality and the Creator. It is indorsed for folks who need to deepen their know-how of Spirituality and the Unknowable Creator. Wisdom is the currency of surviving today. In addition, those seeking to connect with something greater than themselves will be thrilled too. Read yours today and use the links below to order your own copy. Remember to leave a review so we spread the message to millions. These Recent utterances by self-proclaimed pastor or prophet is a clear sign that Christianity, Islam and Judaism do not KNOW anything about Who the Real Creator is. They worship Tribal gods whom they compete with or wrestle or argue with. To Experience the thrill of awakening as you delve into the depths of spirituality "Free from GOD" ignites the flame within, kindling a desire to seek truth beyond the confines of mainstream narratives. Embrace this literary masterpiece and let it fuel your transformative journey. Share this video with friends, comment and SUBSCRIBE. catch us on email References; To ORDER Your -free from GOD.: Unveiling Spirituality That Breeds Wisdom Paperback – June 26, 2023 use Amazon Link shared below... How? #lovyelias #propheticword #uebertangel #pastorchris #bennyhinn #church #god #apostlejohnsonsuleman#passionjavalatest #tdjakes #pastorchris #pastorjohnanosike #prophetlovylelias#deontaywilder#anthonyjoshua #tysonfuryfans #bluebloodsportstv #showbizztheadult#counterpunchboxingnews#hatmanstrikesback#aromeosayi#michaelorokpo#eduudechuk Keywords: More Gifted Than God,Gifted Than God,i'm more gifted,emmanuel makandiwa,more gifted than god,im more gifted,makandiwa,im more gifted than,emmanuel makandiwa sunday service,emmanuel,prophet makandiwa sermons,im more gifted than god,jesus,god,prophet emmanuel makandiwa,gifted,gifts,response,ufic,i am more gifed than god,Prophet makandiwa,gifted than god,prophet makandiwa live service today