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About Video - History of Earth Part 4 | ദിനോസറുകളുടെ കാലഘട്ടം | Malayalam | AnTalk #malayalamscience #antalk History of Earth Part 4 | ദിനോസറുകളുടെ കാലഘട്ടം | Malayalam | AnTalk #malayalamscience #antalk #dinosaur SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM: Email : Facebook Page : The Jurassic and Cretaceous periods are known as the age of dinosaurs. During these periods, dinosaurs ruled all over the world. In every category, dinosaurs were the top predators of that time. This age of dinosaurs begun about 200 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago. The reign of dinosaurs ended with a huge mass extinction, which was caused by a huge asteroid. Due to the asteroid impact, dinosaurs went extinct, along with millions of other animals. During these periods, mammals were very small and they didn't evolved much. But aster dinosaurs all went extinction. Watch this epic and wonderful video to know more. Watch part-1 Hear👇🏻 Watch part-2 Hear👇🏻 Watch part-3 Hear 👇🏻 ancient earth age of dinosaurs Jurassic earth 47 arena malayalam facts malayalam Jurassic world Jurassic malayalam dinosaurs ancient earth malayalam malayalam science channel earth Earth malayalam malayalam facts history of earth dinosaur extinction dinosaur earth history science malayalam science malayalam fact science jurassic prehistoric planet malayalam facts channel storify malayalam m4 tech af world facts mojo facts Antalk Keywords: ancient earth,age of dinosaurs,jurassic earth,47 arena,malayalam,facts malayalam,jurassic world,jurassic malayalam,dinosaurs,ancient earth malayalam,malayalam science channel,earth,earth malayalam,malayalam facts,history of earth,dinosaur extinction,dinosaur,earth history,science malayalam,science,malayalam fact science,jurassic,prehistoric planet,malayalam facts channel,storify malayalam,m4 tech,akhil nrd,af world,facts mojo,facts,Antalk