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About Video - Gelmaker NAT vs Gelmaker RHEO | VERSUS | DIY | Polymer Gelmaker RHEO creates that glossy cream gel we're all used to seeing. Gelmaker NAT creates a clearer gel than Gelmaker RHEO. Both Gelmaker NAT and RHEO have a soft, quick-breaking feel on the skin. One of your fellow members wants to buy a cold processable polymer and has narrowed it down to one of the two Read more about them: Become A Member Recipe Page Printable Tip via Paypal: LinkTree ============== FIND CURLYTEA ============== twitter: instagram: patreon: pinterest: facebook: odysee: minds: ======== PODCAST ======== Apple Podcasts: iTunes: ============= Recipes ============= Leave-Ins: Moisturizers: Conditioners: Butters: Lotions/Creams: Shampoos: Gels/Serums: Sprays: Others: You Try It: Keywords: diy,recipes,naturalhair,curlyhair,haircare,gelmakerNAT,gelmaker NAT,gelmakerRHEO,gelmaker RHEO,ingredients,skincare,Sodium polyacrylate,PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate,sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer,polyglyceryl-6,anionic,polymer,gels,cream gel,gel cream