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About Video - Dr. Murray Discusses Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Current And Future Relationship Dr. Murray Discusses Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Current And Future Relationship Dr. Murray discusses the behaviors of individuals who are reluctant to take accountability, risk factors to your relationship and more. Listen carefully and take notes! For additional resources on the topic and more, check out his book - Making Nice With Naughty: An Intimacy Guide for the Rule-Following, Organized, Perfectionist, Practical, and Color-Within-The-Line Types. Amazon: Website: Instagram: YouTube: YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Jspeaks content: Follow Jspeaks on Instagram: Follow Jspeaks on TikTok: About Jspeaks: Mission Statement: To connect, educate and empower the world one spotlight at a time Vision Statement: To leave a lasting impact on the world that challenges people to think, consider and better themselves The purpose of my channel is to share and spread content to the world that is positive, motivational, educational and informational. I believe that there are educated, motivated and all around good people everywhere who if they had the opportunity would love to impart their knowledge, interests and skills for the greater good of the world. My charge is to try to find those people and use my platform to promote them, their practice and business all the while leaving a positive impact on the world. Quote: “I do not want to move fast.. I want to move correctly” – Rick Ross FULL VIDEO: Keywords: Dr. Murray Discusses Red Flags,dr. murray discusses red flags,look out for in your current,interview tips,future relationship,future,young thug relationship,young thug,dr. murray,michael jackson,jspeaks,jspeaks the poet,Dr. Murray Discusses Red Flags with Jspeaks,dr. murray discusses red flags by jspeaks,relationship,relationship advice,current events,shannon curry,pop culture,higher education,belarus election,dr. murray discusses red flags with jspeaks