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About Video - Deeper Than Merely Carrying Their Cross Deeper Than Merely Carrying Their Cross Its Deeper Than Merely Carrying Their Cross? why? because they know not about the cross. Who’s cross are you carrying in your life? Are you carrying your own cross? Will you continue carrying their cross after watching this video? Everyone carries a cross, but who’s cross, is it? Does it matter? Colonialism and Imperialism: The cross was sometimes used as a symbol of European colonialism and imperialism, where it was displayed alongside oppressive actions and subjugation in the name of religion. Slavery: In many instances, the cross was associated with the justification or endorsement of slavery. Slave owners or traders might have used Christian symbolism inappropriately to support their actions. Wearing a cross is a means of you accepting to be colonised, enslaved and receive another Identity and Spirit of sonship as a Greco Roman citizen. Or you celebrate the human rights abuse of MDH via colonial and enslavement tactics. Even the basic question of whether Jesus was crucified on a Pole Or Cross is still unanswered. The historical details regarding the exact shape of the cross or pole used for Jesus' crucifixion are not entirely clear in the biblical texts. The New Testament accounts, particularly the Gospels, do not provide a specific description of the cross's shape, and there is no consensus among scholars on this matter. The Greek word used in the New Testament for the instrument of Jesus' crucifixion is "stauros" (σταυρός), which generally means an upright stake or pole. It does not inherently specify whether it was a traditional cross with a crossbeam or a simple vertical pole. Additionally, the Gospels do not give a detailed physical description of the crucifixion, focusing more on the theological and spiritual significance of the event. But you must carry your own true cross. Find which one in this video. Subscribe, and comment, Get in touch via our Email Keywords: Deeper Than Merely Carrying Their Cross,only you can satisfy william mcdowell,deeper than merely carrying their cross,Than Merely Carrying Their Cross,Merely Carrying Their Cross,Merely Carrying,Merely Carrying Their,Carrying Their Cross,deeper worship only you can satisfy,only you can satisfy deeper worship,take me deeper,deeper than you think,deeper water lyric videos,cross,god,religion,merely carrying their cross,merely carrying,KhamitHEthics,their cross