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About Video - Awakening Divine of sacred Feminine Gifts and spiritual Consciousness with dawn delvecchio Awakening Divine of sacred Feminine Gifts and spiritual Consciousness with dawn delvecchio Meet Dawn DelVecchio, a beacon of light and guidance who took up the divine call to lead women into their sacred feminine gifts. This soulful journey took off in 1984 and has spanned over 37 years, with Dawn transcending the realms of tarot, feminine spirituality, goddess lore, and shadow work. Join us as we delve into her intriguing spiritual evolution, her role as a priestess mentor, and her insight into embracing the sacred feminine within us all. As we decode the rise of the Divine Feminine, we shed light on how the inner marriage of masculine and feminine is shaping our collective consciousness. Discover how the codes of light are activating our consciousness and pushing us towards a higher order. We explore the accelerating energy quickening and how shadow work and light work can help us keep pace with this increasing frequency. Also, we touch upon the transformative power of NLP and evolutionary astrology in understanding our deeper existence patterns and facilitating personal growth. Ever wondered how you could answer the call to empowered leadership? We dissect the practical steps to honoring this call. From developing a practice of sitting in stillness to patiently awaiting divine guidance, we explore the path to awakening your sacred feminine gifts. Dawn shares her wealth of wisdom, personal experiences, and guidance for embarking on your own sacred journey. Dawn DelVecchio MA, Priestess, Astrologer, Mentor, Divine Mother Channeler For more than 38 years Dawn DelVecchio has been a devotee of Divine Mother and Mother Gaia. Over these years she has cultivated mastery as a teacher, ceremonial facilitator, spiritual guide, tarot & Soul astrology reader. She is the founder of the Return of the Priestess speaker series, the Return of the Priestess private community, co-founder of the monthly, Prayers for Humanity online gathering, and the lineage bearer of the MotherSpirit Priestess line. Dawn is also a dedicated student of the practice of forgiveness and Christ Consciousness, as is taught in A Course in Miracles. Since 2017, Dawn has been hosting retreats and online courses for women called to the path of Sacred Feminine Leadership. Her work is devoted to supporting women who wish to embody the Feminine Ray of the Divine, that they may serve humanity’s awakening, and lead with Love. Please visit my website to Live a life of clarity and empowerment: 🔔 Join our journey for inspiring tales and vibrant adventures. 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