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About Video - Uncover Superior Customer Success! Welcome to Unexpected Journey! Today we have Kristi Faltorusso, an award winning Customer Success Executive with experience in building, scaling and transforming Customer Success organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. Over the past decade, Kristi has helped many companies redefine Customer Success resulting in increased retention, long term revenue growth and customer advocacy. Kristi is currently the Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess, a leading Customer Success Management solution, where she leads Customer Success, Technical Support, Community and Consulting. Connect with Kristi Faltorusso Connect with @AnneBibb Anne Bibb is the Founder and CEO of Remote Evolution, a consulting and advisory firm. Over the years, Anne and her company have helped create tens of thousands of jobs using impact sourcing. They have helped companies move to more than 30 countries and assisted with remote change management, customer experience, and employee experience improvement. ➡️ YouTube: @annebibb ➡️ Instagram: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ Personal LinkedIn: ➡️ Company LinkedIn: ➡️ Speaker Website: ➡️ Consulting Website: Keywords: Anne bibb,remote work,remote jobs,work from home,customer experience,employee experience,CSM,Customer success management,customer success,cs,customer journey,customers,customer engagement,customer service,customer care,anne bibb podcast,client success manager,client success,uncover business secrets,you tube,business,business podcast,professional podcast,corporate success,success,B2B,BPO,customer advocacy,SaaS,kristi Faltorusso,business solutions