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About Video - [TEASER] V 'Love Me Again' Stage💥 l 9/9(SAT) 8PM V NPOP SPECIAL EP [TEASER] V 'Love Me Again' Stage 💥 l 9/9(SAT) 8PM V NPOP SPECIAL EP _ 💿TWO SPACES, CONNECTED AS ONE NAVER [NPOP] is the K-POP monthly chart show of two spaces, STAY N & STAGE N. - STAY N, online reality show. - STAGE N, offline performance stage. [ NPOP ] 📺 9/6(WED) 8PM NPOP EP.01 📺 9/9(SAT) 4PM NPOP V SPECIAL EP 📺 9/13(WED) 8PM NPOP EP.02 📺 9/20(WED) 8PM NPOP EP.03 💙 NPOP official channel💙 NAVER : YouTube : Instagram : Twitter : #NPOP #KPOP #IDOL #MUSIC #NAVER #PLAYLIST Keywords: NPOP,MUSIC,KPOP,IDOL,npop,kpop,idol,korean idol,playlist,naver,music core,newjeans,music,selfonkode,dance,kdol,sm,nct,mnet,mcountdown,MBTI,isfp,renjun,jisung,pixid,beatbox,dingo,killingvoice,superM,KAI,HARD,EXO,hani,NewJeans,NCT U,CRAVITY,STAYC,BOYNEXTDOOR,RIIZE,BTS,BTS V,Jin,SUGA,J-HOPE,RM,JIMIN,JUNGKOOK,Taehyung,Love Me Again,Rainy Days,Blue,Slow Dancing