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About Video - ഇനി വാഴപ്പിണ്ടി ആരും വെറുതെ കളയല്ലേ ??|വാഴപ്പിണ്ടി-മുതിര തോരൻ|how to clean & make banana stem curry #bananastem#bananastemrecipes #bananastem benefits#bananastem leaning#community #horsegramrecipes #horsegram #bananastem_horsegramstirfry#fibrerich kudappan thoran banana flower chips please subscribe to my channel INGREDIENTS banana stem - 1 piece horse gram - 1 cup coconut oil - 2 tbsp shallots - 4 garlic - 4 curry leaves turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp chilli flakes - 3 tsp salt water further enquiries please contact me on Malayali kalavara FB or Instagram IDs you can email me THANK YOU ?? Keywords: fibre rich foods,benefits of Banana stem,Pindi muthira thoran,Pindi,vazhapindi thoran,vazhaPindi recipe in Malayalam,vazhapindi curry,vazhakambu thoran,vazhakambu muthira thoran,how to clean banana stem,banana stem,vazhapindi thoran by Malayali kalavara,how to make vazhapindi thoran,banana stem horse gram stir fry,horse gram recipes,malayali kalavara,best cooking channel,Malayalam cooking channel