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About Video - ODKF - Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher at Banda Forest, Western Ghats (hermosos pájaros / belas aves) ODKF as it is well know is the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher which is the smallest of all kingfishers but the most colorful of all. Western Ghats is the best place to visit the bird with many guides have built hide for viewing them. Best period to visit the bird is during monsoon when the bird is engaged in courtship display to attract it’s mate. The male brings lots of variety of food to attract the female. When the females accepts the gift it would mean she has gathered trust that the male can look after the female during the nesting period. Thus, accepting the proposal and ready to mate. ODKF are most active during mornings and evenings searching for lizards, skinks, snails, frogs, crickets and dragonflies – thus making it very versatile in terms of food diet. ODKF is appx 12 to 14 cms in length and weighs upto 16 g. During nesting, it makes a burrow at the height of 1 – 2 meters above the ground level. The Tunnel is 1 meters long and made by both – Male & Female together. At the end of the tunnel, there is a chamber where the female lays the egg. It can lay from 3 to 6 eggs per clutch. Eggs are incubated by both for 17 days and after hatching the chicks fledge away in nearly 20 days. However the survival rate is hardly 1 chick per season since the predators such as snakes, monitor lizards etc are key hunters of the chicks. Some best places to Visit ODKF is at Banda, Tamhini Ghats, Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Maharashtra. Banda is appx 30 kms from Sawantwadi. Tour Guide Abhishek 9822952233 handled the Banda Tour for us. One can also visit Amboli forest nearby for more birding opportunities. My Other Wildlife Videos: Uttarakhand Birding Tour Episode 1 (Sattal – Birder’s Paradise) - Uttarakhand Birding Tour Episode 2 (Rajaji Tiger Reserve) - Uttarakhand Birding Tour Episode 3 (Shyamkhet & Chaffi) - Wild Ass Sanctuary at Little Rann of Kutch (LRK) - Ep:1 - Little Rann of Kutch (LRK) EP:2 - Raptors & Passerine - Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Old Magazine House & Kali Tiger Reserve - Birds of Western Ghat (Ep: 1) - Birds of Western Ghats Ep:2 - In Search of Owls at Dang Forest (Purna Wildlife Sanctuary) in Gujarat - Gir National park Video link – Ranthambore National park video link: Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve - Hingolgadh Forest & Nature Education Sanctuary - Green Muniya – Tricoloured Muniya - Short Eared Owl - White Headed Yellow Wagtail : Red Munia (Strawberry Finch) : Keywords: #Travel,#Wildlife,#Riddhimota,#Wildlife sanctuaries in India,#Birds,#conservation,#forest,#jungle,#nature,#safari,#tourism,#unexplored,#Wild,#Wildlife photography,#Birding,#BirdPhotography,#wildlifesanctuary,#wildlifephotogrqphy,#animals,#Jungle Safari,#ODKF,#Kingfisher,#OrientalDwarfKingfisher,#Tamhini,#Banda,#Westerghats,#Monsoonbirding,#hide,#birdsathide,#fishing,#photography,#canon,#nikon,#documentary,#natgeowild,#animalplanet,#wildlifedocumentary,#belos pássaros,#hermosos pájaros