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About Video - How to unlock your psychic abilities | Brainwaves and beyond With Dr. Jeff Tarrant How to unlock your psychic abilities | Brainwaves and beyond With Dr. Jeff Tarrant Step into the enigmatic world of psychic phenomena with Dr. Jeff Tarrant, who has traversed the spectrum from skepticism to belief. Our latest episode unveils the science behind the psychic, where brainwaves like theta and gamma frequencies play pivotal roles. Discover how the right hemisphere of your brain could be the gateway to unlocking extraordinary realms of consciousness. From the tangible impact of audio-visual entrainment (AVE) technology to simple card exercises, Dr. Tarrant guides us through practices designed to amplify our intuitive abilities. If the thought of tapping into the unseen intrigues you, then you're in for a journey that marries mysticism with method. We all carry the spark of psychic potential, often dimmed by the rigors of rational life. Dr. Tarrant challenges this norm, suggesting that through perseverance and training, we can rekindle our dormant talents. Whether it's mediumship or telekinesis that calls to you, this conversation is a testament to the diversity and accessibility of psychic skills. The episode doesn't just explore these abilities; it's a call to explore your own, with practical steps and resources that encourage each listener to embark on a personal odyssey of spiritual discovery. Peering into the crystal ball of the future, Dr. Tarrant propels us forward to the budding intersection of psychic research and technological innovation. As we grapple with the challenges of empirical validation amidst a sea of psychic "fluff," our discussion illuminates the promise of new devices that could transform our understanding of the human mind. Stay tuned as we navigate the enthralling landscape of psychic exploration, where the next breakthrough is just a thought away. This episode is an open invitation: join us at the frontier of consciousness, where science and the supernatural converge. Dr. Tarrant is the founder and Director of Psychic Mind Science and the NeuroMeditation Institute in Eugene, OR. He is a licensed psychologist and board certified in neurofeedback. Dr. Tarrant specializes in teaching, clinical applications, and research combining technology-based interventions with meditative states for improved mental health. His research focuses on exploring brainwave changes that occur as a result of contemplative practices, technological interventions, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and psi related abilities. Dr. Tarrant is the author of the book, Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain in addition to the upcoming Becoming Psychic. Please visit my website to Live a life of clarity and empowerment: 🔔 Join our journey for inspiring tales and vibrant adventures. 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