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About Video - Finally a day with Macaw Bird ❤️😍 Hello Assalamu Alaikum , Welcome to my daily vlog ,I make videos with passion towards my animals and pets, I rescue Birds(পাখি) take care of them (পালন) and share the experience of having exotic pets like dogs(কুকুর),cats(বিড়াল),Bearded Dragon ,Eagles,hamsters,pigeon (কবুতর)(kabootar) ,I wish to have more pets in my mini zoo and my rooftop (ছাদ) with a garden full of animal family . My subscribers are my family as well Please subscribe and support Finally a day with Macaw Bird ❤️😍 #macaw #parrots #petsvlog Keywords: Doggo Sage,Birds,Dogs,Cats,Pigeons,Pet,বিড়াল,কবুতর,Kabooter,Animals,vlog,Petsvlog,mini zoo,Ducks,chicken,farm,cow,bull,goat,গরু,ছাগল,খামার,Fish,aquarium,dragon,Rabbit,hamster,exotic pet,hash,Parrot,Cockatiel,rooftop,garden,ছাদের,Fowl,Domestic pigeon,cage