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About Video - Tax the Rich! - Vancouver Real Estate Tax the Rich! - Vancouver Real Estate In a recent article in Business in Vancouver, an economist proposed raising property taxes on Vancouver homeowners to build more social housing and temporary modular housing. He says that "People recognise that higher homes values have been a stroke of luck, and it unintentionally comes at the expense of others. Its corrosive to our social fabric" Not only does this guy sound like a complete communist, but he is making an incorrect assumption. Long time homeowners did not strike the lotto max - they worked hard, hustled, and compromised for many years to obtain home ownership. Enough is enough - owning a home in Vancouver is a privilege, not a right, and Canadians pay more than their share of taxes already. ► Website: ► Book A Call - ► Contact Directly: 778-986-9090 Keywords: tax the rich! - vancouver real estate,vancouver real estate,recent article in business in vancouver,vancouver real estate jay couper,real estate: taxing the rich,vancouver taxing the wealthy,taxing the rich for a brighter future,vancouver taxing the rich,unveiling taxing the rich,taxing the rich in vancouver,jay coupar,tax the rich to pay for social housing,real estate,tax,vancouver,real estate crisis,canada,tax the rich,business in vancouver,real estate market