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About Video - What I've done - Linkin Park - (Fingerstyle guitar cover) #RIPChesterBennington My arrangement of "What I've done" by Linkin Park as a tribute to Chester Bennington. I reversed the waveform on the first note of the intro to make it sound and feel like original, hope you like it. Listen to the original song here: Tuning : DGDGBE Guitar : Ibanez aeg8e nt Capo : 3rd fret Find me on Facebook : Instagram : Keywords: what i've done fingerstyle guitar cover,What I've done guitar cover,what i've done sai aakarsh,what i've done linkin park fingerstyle,what i've done fingerstyle,what i've done linkin park fingerstyle guitar cover,What i've done sai aakarsh fingerstyle,sai aakarsh,sai aakarsh fingerstyle,#ripchesterbennington,linkin park,what i've done acoustic guitar cover,fingerstyle guitar cover,guitarist,fingerstyle,guitar fingerstyle,fingerstyle guitar,guitar,cover,ibanez aeg8e