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About Video - TINY $15 PEN FISHING ROD! Unboxing, Review, and Fishing! Unboxing: 0:01 Rigging: 3:44 Fishing: 4:54 The $15 fishing rod none of us expected to actually be able to land a fish with (and to be honest, it was quite difficult)! This was a super fun session, as you can see - I'm a little more animated than usual! Don't forget to check out Stefans Boating World! Keywords: pen fishing rod,pen fishing rod ad,pen fishing rod unboxing,pen rishing rod review,best fishing rod,best fishing reel,2018,matt kelly fishing,matt kelly,raby bay,brisbane,moreton bay,whiting,king george whiting,winter whiting,world's smallest,amazing fishing rod,mini fishing rod,light gear,light fishing reel,razar cat,thundercat,gag gift,travel fishing rod,travel,fishing gear,australia,fishing challenge,vlog,fishing vlog