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About Video - The Insane True Scale of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Thanks for checking out MindRX! This video explores the insane true scale of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Learn about what causes it and how we are working together to clean up this mess! The world is an amazing place that offers so much to explore. Join us as for your weekly dose of brain medicine as we dive into an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Be sure to subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Animations courtesy of Vincent de Langen Keywords: great pacific garbage patch,ocean trash,plastic pollution,pollution,plastic,ocean,Pacific Ocean,trash,climate change,gyre,documentary,global warming,climate,garbage island,ocean health,waste,education,science,curiosity,learn,explain,news,space,biology,chemistry,physics,technology,facts,5Gyres,Ocean Cleanup,reallifelore,real life lore 2,rll,rll2