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About Video - 3 Essential Skills Every Teenagers Should Know...I didn't!!! In this video, Youth Motivational speaker Rahz Slaughter shares 3 principles that he wishes he had used when he was in high school and how they would have saved him from making critical mistakes as a teenager. Teenagers believe they know everything about life, but the harsh fact is they don't, which leads them to make critical mistakes that hurt their chances for success later in life. Here are the 3 principles Rahz Shares in detail in this video: 1) Communication Skills 2) Setting High Life Standards 3) Why Listen is more important than talking Rahz Slaughter is a youth motivational speaker, 2-year personal coach, three-time author, and passionate advocate for teaching teens how to create a powerful mindset for success. To learn more about Rahz Slaughter, you can visit his website Rahz is currently booking speaking events throughout the U.S. and offers personal teen mentor coaching. BLOG: What Does Success Mean To A Teenager? BLOG: Teenagers And Emotional Health…Managing social and emotional issues in 2021! LINKS & RESOURCES Website: To Book Rahz To Speak: Instagram: Keywords: teenage advice,teen life skills,life skill for teen,basic life skills for teenagers,life skills for teenagers,essential life skills for teenagers,teaching life skills to teenagers,essential life skills teenagers,essential life skills,teenage advice for parents,rahz slaughter youth motivational speaker,communication skills for teenagers,teenager,high school advice,life skills for special needs students,life skills for special needs,teenage advice on relationships