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About Video - Kyoukai no Kanata // Coming Home F A C E B O O K // Hello World!! So it's been a while, almost a year again since I last uploaded anything. But anywho, its been an amazing time. So this lovely viddy was the submission I made for the Katsucon 20 AMV Contest. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the finals but that's ok! There's always next year! Anywho, (I say anywho a lot...sorry)....anywho, Kyoukai no Kanata is definitely one of the most beautiful anime I've ever seen in my life and I will hopefully continue to work with this anime. I discovered it about 3 months ago and I just can;t get over how beautiful it is, so if you haven't checked it out, go check it out!! -------------- I really hope you all like this, it's very different from how I normally edit. This amv barely has any effects but I can guarantee that just because it lacks a lot of effects, it doesn't mean it's not a legit amv, and I say that for all amvs out there who do not go overboard with effects. But yeah, this is a bit different and I'm not gonna lie, a bit tough because I'm not used to editing like this, but I'm very proud of this viddy. --------- There are many projects that I've slowly been working on that I hope to get them here soon. College is taking a lot of time from me so that's why I haven't been as active, but I still love you all (yes even you stranger who is reading this). I thought YouTube was going to become part of my past but no. I am more thrilled than ever to share with the world. YouTube, watch out, the new era of oXAngelwolfXo is coming really soon. x3 ------------------------- Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Song: Coming Home (Arrow Bootleg Remix) Artist: Skylar Grey Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Editor: oXAngelwolfXo Keywords: kyoukai no kanata,coming home skylar grey,katsucon 20,amv contest,beyond the boundary,oXAngelwolfXo