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About Video - MILLIONAIRE Couch Manufacturer: Victor Montiel | CouchDotCom MILLIONAIRE Couch Manufacturer: Victor Montiel | CouchDotCom Join Alex from and Victor, an industry veteran in sofa manufacturing, for an eye-opening episode of "Couch Confidentials." This in-depth discussion covers everything from the intricacies of couch manufacturing to the importance of customer service in the furniture business. 🛠️🔍 🔨 Couch Manufacturing: Victor shares his journey from a young carpenter to becoming a leading supplier in the furniture industry. Learn about the different components that go into making a quality sofa, from woodwork to upholstery. 📞 Customer Service: Victor emphasizes the role of customer service in retaining clients. He shares his philosophy of being responsible and accountable, ensuring that the customer always leaves satisfied. 🛒 Business Ethics: How do you maintain a business that doesn't pick up their phones or return emails? Victor discusses the key elements that have kept his company successful for over 15 years. 👨‍👩‍👧 Family in Business: Victor opens up about the challenges and benefits of working with family in a labor-intensive industry. 📈 Adapting to Market Changes: Victor talks about how he had to reinvent his business model to adapt to the current market conditions, focusing on custom furniture to meet client needs. 🎨 Custom vs. Production Line: Learn the difference between custom furniture and production line work, and why Victor's company excels in both. Visit Urban Manufacturing on Instagram: Jump to a section: 00:00 - Cold Open 00:15 - Intro 00:42 - Beginnings 01:33 - What keeps a furniture company successful? 02:30 - Could you make a couch from start to finish? 03:11 - Family 04:17 - Who do you work with? 04:49 - Production Line & Fully Custom 08:21 - What it takes to make a couch 09:21 - Outro In this episode, we explore: 🪑 The essence of bespoke furniture creation. 🌟 The journey of a family business in the furniture industry. 🔧 Behind-the-scenes insights into the craftsmanship process. 🎨 Victor Montiel's personal triumphs and lessons in the trade. Join us for an insider's perspective on the challenges and successes of managing a thriving family enterprise, as Victor shares his unparalleled wisdom and remarkable journey. Don't miss out on the upcoming episodes! Hit the subscribe button now for the latest updates and exclusive revelations into the mesmerizing world of couch creation, only on #FurnitureCraftsmanship #CouchManufacturing #UrbanManufacturing #CustomFurniture #FamilyBusiness #CouchConfidentialInterview #CouchDesign #FurnitureIndustryInsights #ArtOfCraftsmanship #CouchCreationJourney #BehindTheScenesFurniture #FurnitureBusiness #UpholsteryExcellence #FurnitureEntrepreneurship #CraftsmanshipMastery #CouchProduction #FurnitureInnovation #InteriorDesignExcellence #ExclusiveInterviewSeries #FurnitureIndustryLeaders #CouchMakers #FurnitureArtistry #CouchInnovation #CouchCreators #CouchJourney #CouchSeries #CouchMagic Get ready to be inspired by Victor Montiel's incredible journey and gain an exclusive insight into the captivating world of couches moving forward in our series Couch Confidential. Join us as we uncover the magic behind the art of creating exceptional furniture pieces! 🌟🪑🎨 Keywords: couch millionaire,victor montiel,couch business,CouchDotCom,design trends 2024,house of valentina,decor,Home Decoration,house decor,home styling,home accessories,home accents,living room designs,bedroom interior design,living room interior design,home interior design,best furniture stores in usa,furniture brands,furniture fair,best home furnishings,interior designe,interior design trends 2024,2024 interior design trends,interior design