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About Video - EPISODE 047: Daily Merch Drive: Post Solar Eclipse, How To Pay Designers EPISODE 047: Post Solar Eclipse, what the next big event?, How To Pay Designers with a salary and get way more bang for your buck, 21 Days of Merch Shame start date Subscribe to our podcast and get on our email list here – Join our Facebook Group – Learn about our 10X Merch Workshops here – Keywords: merch by amazon,merch by amazon 2017,merch by amazon tutorial,merch by amazon keywords,merch by amazon design,merch by amazon sales,merch by amazon review,merch by amazon research,merch by amazon chris green,merch by amazon tips,amazon merch,amazon merchant,amazon merch tutorials,amazon merch shirts,amazon merch keywords,amazon merchant fulfillment,amazon merch t-shirts,amazon merch design,amazon merchant account,amazon merchant fulfillment shipping