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About Video - Top 10 Countdown of Powerful Travel Passports in the World Did you know that visa-free travel depends on your passport? Based on citizenship, countries around the world allow visa-free or on-arrival visa access. Country ranking is achieved based on the number of other countries to which visa-free access is possible. Let's look at these top countries as per their rank. 1. Germany - 176 2. Sweden - 175 3. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, United States - 174 4. Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom - 173 5. Ireland, Japan, New Zealand - 172 6. Canada, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland - 171 7. Australia, South Korea - 170 8. Iceland - 169 9. Czech Republic - 168 10. Hungary, Malta - 167 If your country is not in the top 10 countdown, find out the rank using the below link. Also don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to travel advisor for interesting travel videos. NOTE - This data keeps on changing. The information shown in the video is as of Dec 2017. For any recent information please visit the link - Channel Details ======================= Subscribe to Travel Advisor - Travel Advisor Blog - Like Facebook Page - Follow on Twitter - Audio Credit ======================== Song: Skylike - Skylike Music provided by Rewind Remix Free Download: Artist: Skylike Keywords: visa free country,Powerful Travel Passports,most powerful passports in the world,powerful passports in the world,travel freedom passports,travel passports,top 10 countdown,best countries for citizenship,visa free countries,visa free,best passport to have,passports,international travel,passport,are some passports better than others,what countries can you enter without a visa,which passports are the most powerful,visa-free access,visa free travel,travel advisor