About Video - ? ?imple ?ance ?oves ?or ?eginners (Hip ?op ?ance ?oves ?utorial) | ?ihran ?irakosian ? ?imple ?ance ?oves ?or ?eginners (Hip ?op ?ance ?oves ?utorial) | ?ihran ?irakosiantutorial tips hip hop dance academic for beginners on the way to do 3 simple dance moves. subscribe: attempt it with music now - watch more of my three simple dance moves for beginners videos: right here are some songs you can strive the grooves to:1. the weeknd - “starboy”: 2. ad - “juice”: barely faster tracks:1. sage the gemini - “now and later”: 2. bruno mars - “24k magic”: intro music:“horny girl” (unfastened download) - ▶ new films every monday + wednesday + friday▶ sign-up for a class: follow:snapchat: mihran_kthe official mihran kirakosian youtube channel Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/tsa15rThank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!!#tutorialtips, #hiphopdance Keywords: tutorial tips,hip hop dance,easy,dance elegance,hip hop for beginners,lesson,slide,dance,moves,the way to dance hip hop,basic,dance movements,hip hop dance movements,how to dance,dance lesson,grade by grade,easy dance moves,wreck down,for novices,hip hop choreography,the way to,academic,step touch,steps,techniques,dance steps,dance academic,choreo,research,dancing,beginners,3 easy dance mo tutorial