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About Video - Why Women Shun Nice Guys 7 Eye-opening Examples! #physcologyfacts #dating #relationships #sexuality Why Women Shun Nice Guys 7 Eye-opening Examples! #physcologyfacts #dating #relationships #sexuality Unveiling The Truth: Why Women Shun Nice Guys - 7 Eye-opening Examples! Explore the secrets concealed within the world of crushes, relationships, and love as we unveil the captivating dance between men and women. Dive deep into the intricacies of human connection, uncovering how genders express themselves in the realm of love, and gain valuable insights to strengthen your own love story. Hope you enjoy! @FactsRChannel Other Videos: 20 Facts About Couples Who Don't Have Sex 25 Facts How Sexual Contact Plays a Crucial Part in Relationships Topic: Unveiling The Truth: Why Women Shun Nice Guys - 7 Eye-opening Examples! 1. They come across as desperate - Nice guys often go out of their way to please women, which can make them appear needy or desperate. Women may view this as a red flag and avoid getting involved with such men. 2. They lack confidence - While being kind and considerate is great, if a man lacks self-confidence, he may struggle to assert himself around women. This can lead to him coming across as weak or insecure. 3. They don't know how to flirt - Many nice guys have trouble flirting because they're uncomfortable with rejection or appearing overly aggressive. As a result, they may miss opportunities to connect with women. 4. They're too available - If a guy is always available for whatever a woman wants or needs, it can seem like he's smothering her or clingy. Women prefer men who have lives outside of the relationship and can provide space when needed. 5. They're boring - Nice guys sometimes lack excitement and spontaneity, making them dull companions. Women want partners who can keep up with them and bring energy into their lives. 6. They're too sensitive - Some nice guys take criticism or rejection personally, which can cause them to become emotional and sensitive. Women may find this exhausting and prefer men who can manage rejection without taking it so hard. 7. They're not good communicators - Effective communication skills are essential in any relationship. If a man struggles to express his feelings or listen actively, it can create tension and conflict between partners. If you're looking to improve your love life, or just gain a better understanding of the way the other gender think, the “Facts Channel” is perfect for you! The “Facts Channel” contains videos that offer relationship advice, marriage advice, dating advice, love advice, and psychological insights specifically for men and women. These psychology videos are designed to help you understand yourself and your relationships better. Whether you're looking for love advice, relationship advice or just want to learn more about women's and men’s love psychology, the “Facts Channel” has something for you! The “Facts Channel” is full of inspiring content about personal development and self-improvement. The “Facts Channel” offers valuable relationship advice, love advice, and tips to help people on their journey to find their purpose. When you think about it, your relationship is probably the most important thing in your life. It's the person you have by your side through all the many chapters of life that really defines the quality of your experience. Dive into the fascinating world of the mind with the “Facts Channel.” Explore bite-sized videos designed for curious minds, making psychology fun and easy to understand! The “Facts Channel” is your go-to destination for intriguing insights into emotions, habits, and the wonders of human psychology and relationships – all in a format perfect for everyone. Advice and tips on relationships and dating. A look at the nuances of attraction, infatuation, interest and love. Whether it's romantic body language, flirting or verbal cues of interest, there is never any complete certainty of what someone else wants. Engaging videos and simplified explanations make learning with the “Facts Channel” a breeze. Join us for a journey where every video is a discovery of your brain's incredible capabilities! Subscribe, enjoy, and become a part of the "Facts Channel” community – where knowledge is power, and understanding your mind is an adventure! The Facts Channel recommends Tube Buddy for perfecting your You Tube Channel. Please Click link below to purchase for your you tube channel! The Facts Channel recommends Fliki for perfecting your You Tube Channel. Please Click link below to purchase for your you tube channel! 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