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About Video - Canadian Real Estate Market 2023 // Continuing The Bubble? How high can Canadian prices go? Where was this big crash everyone was predicting ... or all the defaults everyone was promising? Canadian Real Estate Market 2023 // Continuing The Bubble? New Videos Every Week - Subscribe Here: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: - Hey guys, welcome to the channel I'm a full time Chartered Accountant as well as a part time Real Estate agent with a background in finance, investing, budgeting and of course, real estate. I've been on a personal mission for the last 10 years to build multiple streams of income, including both passive and active income. On this journey, I've gained a ton of domain knowledge about personal finance and investments that I would love to share. My goal for this channel is to help you understand basic taxes, personal finance, investing, budgeting and expense management. Keywords: canadian real estate market 2023,canadian real estate market crash,canadian real estate market update,canadian real estate market news,canadian housing bubble,canadian housing bubble crash,toronto real estate market 2023,toronto real estate,canadian real estate,canadian housing market 2023,canadian housing market,canadian housing market debate,first time home,first time home buyer 2023,first time home buyer,first time home buyer tips