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About Video - Here Comes a Thought - Steven Universe (Cover by Gabriela Marramaque) I LOVE Steven Universe! It's one of the best shows EVER! What did you think of this one? :3 Been meaning to do this one for a while, but I had to find a way to play it that didn't hurt my thumb, so sadly, there's no seventh on the F, but I think it still sounds pretty sweet! I also took way too long and the sun was gone when I actually got a good take, so excuse the weird video quality... Anyway, I put this song on or watch Steven Universe when I need a mood boost! Always makes me warm and fuzzy and happy! :3 I hope you like it! Comment, like, sub... all that stuff! Keywords: Steven Universe,Rebecca Sugar,Here comes a thought,Garnet,Crystal Gems,Singer,Acoustic,Ukulele,Kala,Kala KA-TE