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About Video - Meek Mill woke up to dreams & nightmares?!!! In this segment I'm talking about Meek Mill and his brush against the law. Yes they are doing him dirty because this time he was actually trying to do right. But in a way he did this to himself because Meek Mill always got in trouble with the law due to his actions. Now yes, no one is perfect but we have to better ourselves because as black men we have to do better and set examples for the younger generation to follow in our footsteps. Meek will be out of jail soon and I hope this give him a new mindset on how to move. So please watch because I will be talking about it all in this video, enjoy!!! Keywords: Meek mill,Law,Court,Life,Blog,Blogger,Ogrealtalkfiles,Share,Comment,Like,Subscribe,Music,Hip hop,Rap,Dreams,Nightmares,Industry,Prison,Jail,New York,Philly,Change,Advice,Words o,Wshh,The shade room,TMZ,TV,News,Report