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About Video - Lumbar Facet Pain: The Silent Killer of Back Pain symptoms diagnosis and treatment. Lumbar facet pain is a common cause of lower back pain. In this video, we will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of lumbar facet pain for lay people. #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #backpain Arabic channel Prof. Waleed's Educational Videos Facebook Page Link Instagram Page Link Keywords: lumbar facet pain: the silent killer of back pain symptoms,the silent killer of back pain symptoms,lumber fecet pain treatment,spine and brain treatments,facet joint pain treatment,symptoms of sciatica,referred pain and radicular pain,lumbar facet pain,back pain symptoms,lower back pain treatment,dr waleed riad back pain treatment,ehlers-danlos syndrome symptoms,arachnoiditis symptoms,spine and brain pathology,Dr. Waleed Riad MD-PhD,Dr. Waleed Riad fecet pain