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About Video - Can Vegans Drink Alcohol? Konnichewah, Goji Man here. Welcome back to my channel. Can vegans drink alcohol? This is a question I get a lot from those transitioning to vegan diets and even those who have been vegan a while. So today I will be looking at what alcohols are vegan friendly and also what the health consequences are from drinking alcohol. Follow me on Instagram: Barnivore: If this is your first time on my channel then please consider subscribing. I do vegan health and nutrition videos on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednedays, Thursdays and Fridays so I am sure there wil be lots of useful information here to help you live a healthier and happier vegan life. So when subscribing if you hit the bell you will never miss any of my videos. So I’m quickly going to go through some of the health consequences of drinking alcohol and then I will give you some great tips and advice on how you can tell whether an alcohol is vegan friendly or not. And if you wait around until the end I have a great online tool for you to use which will tell you the details on most brands of alcohol and whether or not they are vegan. Now I no longer drink alcohol, but I haven’t always been a teetotaller. I gave it up because I no longer enjoyed it and I always felt so much better without it. I am certainly not trying to tell you guys what to do and I do think if used sensibly alcohol can certainly enhance those special social occasions. But on the flip side of this, alcohol can and will destroy lives. And astronomical amounts too. Yet the mass advertising budgets and legislation often lead us into a false sense of security where alcohol is concerned. The industry as a whole, often endorsed by governments, often gets a free pass when it comes to being held accountable for the devastation it causes to peoples lives. There is mass consensus, particularly among western cultures, that because governments legalise it and permit its use, that it must be safe for us to consume. In reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. Alcohol is right up there with the most dangerous drugs in the world when it comes to destroying health and families. If there was ever a perfect time to use the word sobering, it would certainly be when highlighting alcohols health statistics. Globally the levels of attributable deaths from alcohol consumption are astounding. For example, according to the World Health Organisation, in 2012 there were 3.3 million net deaths from alcohol. This equates to 5.9% of all global deaths. Equally as shocking, is that the World Health Organisation also reported that in 2012 139 million net DALYs (which is disability adjusted life years), or 5.1% of the global burden of disease and injury, were attributable to alcohol consumption. In the US, for example, the leading cause of death over the last 30 years has generally been tobacco. Then poor diet and inactivity and then alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes fatty liver disease, which is scarring and inflammation in the liver, and it’s also attributable to high rates of alcohol induced hepatitis. Alcohol is also heavily implicated in many prostate cancer and breast cancer deaths. Its why in 2014 the World Health Organisation stated that there is no safe level for alcohol consumption. But what about for those who drink “responsibly”? Well the scientists looked at this and in 2013 published findings of more than 100 studies on breast cancer and light alcohol consumption (at most 1 drink a day) and found a significantly increased risk for developing breast cancer. So when it comes to alcohol consumption there is simply no safe limit for you to consume, and if you are going to drink, then certainly be sensible about it. So now to the main question of whether vegans can drink alcohol. So as long as you do your research it is fairly straightforward to find vegan alcohol. The problematic alcohols are usually been and wine, which can use isinglass, which is from the bladders of fish, and also gelatin. What is really frustrating for vegans is that unlike foods, alcohols are usually exempt from strict labelling regulations, and most of the time the manufacturers don’t include the processing methods or true ingredients. A great tool I recommend to people is Barnivore. I will link it in the description below. Simply type in your alcohol name and it will tell you whether or not the alcohol is vegan friendly. Those guys at Barnivore do an amazing job of keeping the database up-to-date, so I highly recommend using it if you are unsure of any alcohol. Some of the easier alcohols to distinguish are liquiors. I will caveat this but nearly all brands of liquor is vegan friendly, such as rum, whiskey, gin, vodka and bourbon. So simply do your research, use Barnivore and you should never run into any issues. Thanks for watching, I will see you tomorrow. Keywords: can vegans drink alcohol,gojiman,is alcohol vegan,vegan alcohol brands,vegan alcohol list,vegan alcohol,vegan alcoholic drinks,can raw vegans drink alcohol,what kind of alcohol can vegans drink,what alcohol can vegans not drink,what type of alcohol can vegans drink,can vegans still drink alcohol,vegan,alcohol,veganism,health,beer,healthy,barnivore,veganism (diet),wine,plantbased,can vegans drink,isinglass