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About Video - BEST VIEWS IN NYC AND MAKING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE | NYC VLOG BEST VIEWS IN NYC AND MAKING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE | NYC VLOG If you liked this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Watch Last Video: Welcome back to my NYC vlog channel!! CASEY NEISTAT RAN PAST ME TODAY while I was setting up a time lapse!! Sorry, I'm just excited to have seen him since he has (obviously) been an influence on my videos. Casey Neistat, if you are watching...hello. That is at. In todays vlog I stared off on Pier 34 in New York City. Hands down one of the best views in NYC! You have an uninterrupted WTV view and also of downtown Manhattan. I then walk around Soho and end up in Washington Square Park which is located in Greenwich Village. I also later talk about why making videos has become a passion project for me, why vlog, and finally some of the YouTube creators who I watch on a daily basis. I started making videos because I wanted to prove to myself that I could A) actually do it and B) to make new friends around the world. Being a creator on this platform has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know people who I otherwise may have never come into contact with. I think that’s such an awesome thing to be able to do! As always, if you did like this NYC vlog make sure to click the THUMBS UP button and also click that RED SUBSCRIBE button below! Thank You!! Scott Muir (Abandoned Location Videos) - Manny (NYC Tour Videos) - f Kelly (Filmmaker) - John Albrecht (Photography and Gaming) - - Tan (Travel Videos) - Keep Up With Me Snapchat - Instagram - Keywords: making videos,new yor city tour,nyc tour,new york city video,best views in new york,pier 34,best views in nyc,wtc view,best view of new york city,why vlog,nyc vlog,new york city video tour,best city views,manhattan vlog,vloggin in manhattan,washington square park,greenwich village,greenwich village nyc,parks in nyc,nyc parks,nyc vloggers,ricky somborn,travel video,travel vlog,things to do in nyc,#nyc,#newyorkcity,nyc,vlog nyc,new york