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About Video - OnePlus lies in the changelog. They don't put the One-Handed mode in the Oxygen OS Open Beta 5 First of all, English is not my native language. I'm romanian from Romania and I'm sorry for my bad english pronunciation. Today OnePlus releases the Oxygen OS Open Beta 5 for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro and in the changelog they write about One-Handed mode. In fact it's the first change listed in the change log because is something important for such two big devices (7T and 7T Pro) I never see something like that before from OnePlus. It's so frustrating because I waited for this feature for so long time and when it's finally announced and specified in the changelog, in reality, the One-Handed mode it's not here. I'm so disappointed about that. What is wrong with the OnePlus company people? My device is OnePlus 7T Pro and One-Handed mode it's not present even on OnePlus 7T. I hope this video will got attention from OnePlus and they will fix this problem as soon as possible. So please share this video! Thanks for watching! Android Police: #OnePlus #OxygenOSOpenBeta #OOSOB5changelog Keywords: OnePlus,OnePlus 7T,OnePlus 7T Pro,OB5,Oxygen OS Open Beta 5,Oxygen OS,OOS OB 5,OB 5,One-Handed mode,One Handed,Oxygen Open Beta 5,OxygenOS OB 5,OxygenOS Open Beta 5,OnePlus lies,OnePlus lies in the changelog,OnePlus lies in changelog,One Handed Mode,OnePlus failed,OnePlus fails,OnePlus news,Oxygen OS news,OnePlus 7T news,OnePlus 7T Pro news