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About Video - ::: Tower Crane Epic #01 Part 1::: Pouring Concrete (I Footing) with Tower Crane 🙏 Welcome 🙏 to the best Tower Crane Page on YouTube!!!! Watch & Learn & Find Resources & Enjoy! ⬇️The Best Crane (mobile & tower & overhead & all) & Rigging Resource ⬇️ ⬆️ #1 📕4️⃣ Rigging and cranes 🏗️ ⬆️ Watch as the Tower Crane Operator communicates over the radio and with hand signals to ground workers including Rigger and concrete placers to fly buckets of concrete into a large footing. Descriptions are given and the viewer is given lots of information making this a seamless experience watching how a Tower Crane Concrete Pour is executed in a large commercial construction site. ENJOY LIKE AND SUBCRIBE #towercrane #concrete #construction #machinery #crane #constructionequipment Keywords: HEAVY BROWN,RAW VLOG,tower crane,tower crane pov,tower crane potain,concrete pour,tower crane operator,crane,tower cranes,crane accident,huge tower crane,crane fails,crane collapse,epic crane fails,tower,tower crane cabin,tower crane ladder,tower crane vlogger,crane fail,crane falls,Tower Crane Epic,Tower Crane Epic Part 1,Pouring Concrete I Footing with Tower Crane