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About Video - RISE of Superintelligence: Amazing Insights On ASI Let's consider a scenario. Picture yourself meeting an alien from another planet. This alien, just a bit smarter than the average human, sees our complex ideas and advanced technology as if they were simple child's play. It's like how we see a toddler doing basic tasks with pride. Even though the difference in intelligence is small, the gap in understanding is huge and makes us feel small. Now, let's bring it closer to Earth. Think about Kanzi the bonobo, who has amazing language skills, compared to Edward Witten, a brilliant physicist. The difference in how they think is significant, showing how intelligence varies on our planet. Both these examples, from outer space and right here at home, lead us to think about artificial intelligence. Look at Kanzi, who knows 200 words, and then there's Ed Witten, who revolutionized physics. Essentially, they're similar, just one is a bit more advanced, maybe with some unique wiring. These differences can't be too complicated because only 250,000 generations have passed since our last common ancestor. We know that complex things take a long time to develop. So, small changes took us from Kanzi to Witten, from using tree branches to creating powerful missiles. It's pretty clear that everything we've accomplished, and everything we value, relies on some minor changes that shaped the human mind. The flip side is that if there were more significant changes, it could have huge consequences. Some of my colleagues believe we're on the brink of something that could profoundly alter how we think, and that's super intelligent machines. As we approach a time where machines might not just match but exceed human thinking, we need to think about our role in the bigger picture of intelligence, both in our universe and in the worlds we've created. ✅✅✅Subscribe Link : Keywords: RISE of Superintelligence,agi,superintelligence,nick bostrom superintelligence,digital,nick bostrom,superintelligence hbo max,Amazing Insights On ASI,artificial intelligence,artificial general intelligence,future business tech,rise of superintelligence,machine learning,Insights On ASI,rise,Tech Silk,pika labs,amazing insights on asi,ai video maker,sdxl turbo,leonardo ai,insights on asi,rise of superintelligence amazing insights on asi