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About Video - We Tried to Make Vietnamese Bánh Xèo! We attempted to make Bánh Xèo, a Vietnamese crêpe, for the first time! Check it out to see if we really failed or not! This dish consists of a thin batter made with a special banh xeo flour, coconut milk, water, and turmeric. For the fillings we had shrimp, pork belly, onions and shallots. For the fish sauce I use fish sauce, water, sugar, chili, lime and garlic. The dish is served with lettuce, basil and cilantro. Comment down below if you want to see more couples cooking videos! ? ? ❓ Question of the Day: What was the biggest cooking fail you had? This is far from the worst for me! I once used a cup of baking soda instead of a tablespoon in a cake and you can imagine what happened in the oven! ? Give me a break though, I was in the 6th grade!! ? Please subscribe for more great content like this! Comment below to say hi! xo ♥ ♥ Follow me on social media! ♥ Facebook: Instagram: audrey_nguyen_xo -- Twitter: audreyismyname1 -- Snapchat: audxoxoxo ? NEW UPLOADS: Tuesday and Friday at 9am Eastern Standard Time (New York) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out to make sharing your YouTube videos via Facebook cleaner and more click-able! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I use to film: Sony A6000 with 16-50mm lens For business inquiries only: Keywords: we tried to make vietnamese banh xeo,we tried to cook vietnamese food,vietnamese banh xeo recipe,vietnamese banh xeo,banh xeo recipe,recipe banh xeo,banh xeo fail,making banh xeo at home,homemade banh xeo,cooking couple,audrey nguyen,audrey nguyen cooking,amwf couple,amwf couples,funny cooking vlog,funny cooking fail,cooking vietnamese food,cooking vietnamese food for the first time,how to cook vietnamese food,lam banh xeo o nha,nau banh xeo o nha