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About Video - Ranking the Best Movies of 2nd Half 2023 Hey Y'all! 🍿 Time to spill the tea on the movies we loved and the ones that maybe had us scratching our heads a bit in the second half of 2023. 🎬 Join us for a cozy chat as we dive into the highs and lows of the cinematic world. From those jaw-dropping gems that kept us talking to the ones where we went, "Wait, what just happened?" – it's all here. So grab a snack, get comfy, and let's dish about the good, the bad, and the unforgettable movies that made our 2023 movie nights! 🌟🎥 Now, with 2024 in full swing, we're ready to see what new movie adventures this year has in store! #MovieTalk #HitsAndMisses #FilmChat2024 NEW Etsy STICKER Shop: MERCH: . . . . . . FREE DIGITAL COLORING BOOK! 👇ORDER YOUR COLORING BOOK👇 J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Keywords: ranking the best movies,ranking the best movies of all time,best movies of 2023,best movies 2023,best movies,oppenheimer,movies 2023,top 10 best movies 2023,top 10 movies of 2023,2023 best movies,best movies of the year,movies,barbie,best movies to watch 2023,top 10,top 10 best movies of 2023,top 10 movies 2023,the dark knight,best movies of all time,best movies 2023 so far,top 10 best movies of 2023 so far,watch mojo,best movies to watch