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About Video - CORONAVIRUS AWARENESS VIDEO!!! 2020 started as an unexpected year with each week and month being intense in the changes we faced in our daily lives. Covid-19 is a form of Coronavirus which affects all of us, blinded by race, gender, wealth, and Country. A world Pandemic that even the most powerful Nations of the world could not defend against. We believe that a family is a powerful unit, you and I can come together to help fight this by doing a few simple things!!! For more information, click on this link: Keywords: coronavirus,lockdown,tamil coronavirus,envee,envee collaborates,tamil,Covid,covid-19,tamil youtube,tamil youtuber,tamil comedy,tamil family,family,awareness,tamil awareness,coronavirus awareness,funny video,NV,Venusha,Venusha Vicnendra,Neha,2020,Tamil comedy family,Skits,trending,viral,Pandyan's house,Niveda108,tamil foodies,suthasini