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About Video - Expecting Someone or the Relationship to Fix a Relationship Killer. In this conversation, Greg Riley discusses the common expectation that a new relationship or partner will fix the void inside oneself. He emphasizes that this expectation is destructive and unfair, as no amount of love from someone else can fill that void. Greg highlights the importance of doing the inner work, self-awareness, and self-love before entering a relationship. He encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own self-worth and not rely on others to fill their void. Greg suggests that unlearning limiting beliefs and taking accountability for one's own happiness is crucial for successful relationships. Takeaways Expecting a new relationship or partner to fix one's own self-love void is destructive and unfair. Doing the inner work, self-awareness, and self-love is essential before entering a relationship. Taking responsibility for one's own self-worth and not relying on others to fill the void is crucial. Unlearning limiting beliefs and taking accountability for one's own happiness is necessary for successful relationships. Sound Bites "If you are putting an expectation on somebody else to love you enough or the relationship to mean enough to you, so it fixes or fills that void inside of you where your own self-love should be, it's done. It's gone. The relationship is destined for failure." "You can't expect somebody else to do for you what you won't do for yourself." "You're going to keep changing the goalpost over and over." Chapters 00:00 The Destructive Expectation of Relationship as a Self-Love Solution 06:13 The Importance of Doing the Inner Work for Self-Love Greg Riley is Australia's Pre Eminent Spiritual Advisor and Australia's Most Gifted Psychic. Greg was crowned "The One" Australia's most gifted psychic and has since then worked in the space of high performance and consciousness helping people turn into unstoppably calm, capable, game changing and energetic business and personal alchemists. Greg’s website: Greg’s Facebook pages: To book a session email or go to Keywords: relationships,self-love,self-worth,expectations,inner work,greg riley,unlearning,love,expectations in a relationship,new relationship,relationship trauma,trauma,unresolved trauma,better relationships,good relationships,intimacy,connection