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About Video - Ep 177 | Milana Dostanitch | Inspiring Women in Law League ("IWILL") Networks Women Attorneys The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 177 features Milana Dostanitch, Senior Of Counsel at Lipsky Lowe LLP in New York City focusing on Employment Law, and Co-Founder of IWILL – Inspiring Women in Law League. Milana takes us through her story, being born in Russia and raised in Cyprus. As a young teenager Milana found herself living for months without electricity in Cyprus, doing her homework under street lights. Milana decided that she was going to become a lawyer and after attending Trinity in Texas found herself at Fordham University School of Law in New York City. Milana has become a successful employment lawyer and has recently become a Co-Founder of IWILL based out of New York City. IWILL navigates the challenges women face in the legal profession and it has grown into a vibrant networking community of more than 100 lawyers across the country. #lawyerstories #podcast #networking The official Lawyer Stories community features lawyers and law students worldwide. Join over 50,000 members sharing their personal journeys to the practice of law. What’s your story? Visit our website to learn more: Subscribe to our email list for exclusive deals, events and updates: FOLLOW US Instagram..... LinkedIn....... Facebook..... Twitter.......... TikTok.......... CONTACT US Email for information on how to be featured on a future podcast or partner with us as a sponsor. Keywords: Lawyer Stories,Attorney,IWILL,NYC,Networking,Employment Law,Law Firm,Connect,Milana Dostanitch,Inspiring Women in Law League,lawyer stories podcast,Successful lawyer story,Inspirational lawyer stories,Wattpad lawyer stories,#wattpad series,Lawyer stories in english,Lawyer stories reddit,Lawless lawyer stories,Law stories,How to become a successful lawyer,advocacy training,How to become a successful employment lawyer,Benny Gold,Women problems,Lawyer