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About Video - Real Estate JUST Changed FOREVER: Realtor Commission Settlement. 1️⃣ ✅ 🌟 June 21-23 Millionaire Symposium: 2️⃣ ✅ 🚨 Kevin's Courses on Wealth (Real Estate, Stocks, Productivity): 3️⃣ ✅ 🏘️ Real Estate Startup: 4️⃣ ✅ 🎥 Market Open Live: @MeetKevinLive 5️⃣ ✅ 💎 eHack News at 6️⃣ ✅ 📰 My Daily Newsletter: The National Association of Realtors Commission Settlement (NAR) just changed real estate forever. Will prices collapse? 📝Disclaimer: This video is not personalized advice for the viewer. #meetkevin #househack #JuneVegasEvent Keywords: investing,stocks,stock market,real estate,money,making money,passive income,wealth,starting to invest,meet kevin,house hack,househack,j bravo,graham stephan,reventure consulting,bottom line report,blr,bottom line,caleb hammer,calebhammer,caleb hamer,nar,national association of realtors,commission,settlement