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About Video - Christine Han | Colorado Law Firm Offers Clients No Surprises, No Secrets, & No Surrender | Ep 179 The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 179 features Christine Han, Managing Attorney at Han Law Group, LLC focusing on Family Law, Immigration Law, and Criminal Law in Colorado. We hosted Christine on Episodes 27 & 83 and learn how her law practice has grown since our prior discussions. Christine tells us that her firm has a promise – no surprises, no secrets, and no surrender! Christine discusses what it is like representing celebrities, and provides the advice that when launching your own law firm, the sky is the limit. #lawyerstories #podcast #celebrity The official Lawyer Stories community features lawyers and law students worldwide. Join over 50,000 members sharing their personal journeys to the practice of law. What’s your story? Visit our website to learn more: Subscribe to our email list for exclusive deals, events and updates: FOLLOW US Instagram..... LinkedIn....... Facebook..... Twitter.......... TikTok.......... CONTACT US Email for information on how to be featured on a future podcast or partner with us as a sponsor. Keywords: Lawyer Stories,Law Firm,Lawyer,Attorney,Podcast,Denver,Colorado,Immigration Law,Family Law,Criminal Law,Colorado Law Firm Offers Clients No Surprises,& No Surrender,Christine Han,Lawyer stories podcast,personal journeys to the practice of law,#celebrity podcast,official Lawyer Stories,personal injury lawyer,lawyer podcast,attorney podcast,#bennygold,Inspirational lawyer stories podcast