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About Video - 16" Tin Snips Metal Shears Restoration | Metal Sheet Cutter Restoration Hello my dear friends. I am happy to share a new restoration video with you.Our guest in this video is an old rusty Tin Snips Metal Shears, Tinner's snips, often called tinner snips or tin snips, are one of the most common snips. Their long handles and short blades distinguish them. They are usually composed of drop forged carbon steel and have exceptionally broad jaws. Tin snips can cut between 24 and 16 gauge cold rolled low-carbon tin, depending on the blade size. They can be anywhere from 7 and 14 inches (180 to 360 mm) in length. Straight-pattern and duckbill-pattern are the two basic varieties. Straight-pattern patterns are better for straight cuts, but they can also manage slight curves. The steel long handles and short blades was very pitted and I did my best to polish the surface without removing too much material. When you need to shape metal sheets or cut off thin metal, use this metal cutter from Taparia to keep going with your work. containers. Stopper that is fixed A fixed stopper separates the handles of this tool, allowing you to operate with it without jamming your hands in between the handles when you're working quickly. Durable Body This tool has been heat treated technologically to make it durable and sturdy enough to handle demanding jobs. Cutting Edges That Have Been Hardened The cutting edges have been toughened to ensure that they remain sharp even after multiple cutting tasks. Tin Snips and Shears are used in this video. If you need to make quick cuts, use snips. Tin snips are an easy way to cut single sheets of metal roofing if you don't mind working by hand. Snips are metal-specific scissors that are used in the same way that paper-specific scissors are used. I worked very hard in this restoration and gave all my effort. I am VERY satisfied with this restoration video and I hope that you enjoy it too. Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming projects ? And DON’T forget to see 5 MOST PAPULAR VIDEOS ON MY CHANNEL: 1. Restoration - Rusty Stuck Coil winding Machine | Electric Tool Restoration: 2. Antique Rusty Dagger Knife - Restoration: 3. Old Rusty Manual Steel Pipe Cutter - Restoration: 4. Extremely Old Rusty Axe Restoration - With Awesome Engravings And Viking Modifications: 5. Antique Rusty Cleaver Restoration: I hope you enjoy the video! I am happy to receive your feedback, advice, suggestions to improve myself. --------Thank you so much for Likes & Comments------- Subscribe If you want to help me create more cool videos you can support me on PATREON: Follow me on Instagram My Facebook Page: If you like the video must share it with your friends who might be interested. Also, share your opinions in the comment section. SUBSCRIBE @Restoration Circle to show your Love THANK YOU BEST WISHES Restoration Circle #Restoration #Rusty #vintage #antique Keywords: Tin Snips Metal Shears Restoration,Metal Sheet Cutter Restoration,Steel Sheet Cutter,Sheet Cutter Machine,10” tin cutter,matel sheet cutter,Metal Cutting Tool,Cut Off Tool,Sheetmetal Snips,tinner snips,tin snips,Blade,Cutting tool,Restoration Circle,restoration,restoration videos,rusty restoration,restauration,antique restoration,Tin Snips restoration,tool restoration,tin cutter restoration,before and after,rusty,Steel Sheet Cutter restoration