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About Video - Merch By Amazon Designer SpreadSheet Designer Spreadsheet: The purpose of this spreadsheet is to give your designer exact instructions on what to do and what you expect. It is designed to where you simply place the link to the current Amazon merch listing you want your designer to improve on (without stealing). The second column is where you will put what you want them to name the file before they send it back to you. The third column is for any notations, or specific instructions, you may have for your designer regarding a particular design. This spreadsheet is fully customizable. With this setup you won't need to stay in constant contact with your designer and you will always know what they are working on by looking at the color code. Your designer will simply go down the list of URLs you have assigned them and upload completed files into the designated folders you create. You can work on your business since you are not wasting time communicating with your designer. Keywords: merch by amazon,mba,shirts,merch by amazon sales,merch by amazon results,merch by amazon designs,print on demand,wealth,designs,hustle,rj martinez,goals,money,saving money,paying bills