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About Video - Serendipity in Procurement: How Luck Shapes Our Careers Today, let's talk about a subject that often remains unspoken in our professional discussions—luck. How significant is it in shaping our careers, particularly in the realm of procurement? I recently came across an insightful column by Bartleby in The Economist that made me pause and consider how luck has played a role in my own career. It reminded me that our success isn’t solely determined by hard work and expertise. The Unexpected Ingredients of Success 🍀 Often, luck can be about simply being in the right place at the right time. My own career path was profoundly impacted when I found myself working with a team that had pioneered the concept of Global Sourcing with Ignacio Lopez. This wasn't a planned move; it was serendipity at its finest. But can you prepare for serendipity? Indeed, you can increase your "surface area for luck" by being intellectually curious. I had prepared for this unexpected opportunity by reading "The Machine that Changed the World," which gave me a unique lens into the automotive industry. The Power of Mentorship 🌱 I’ve been fortunate to have had mentors who were generous with their time and wisdom. These mentorship relationships were a stroke of luck that enriched my learning and growth in procurement. If you find such mentors, treasure these relationships; they're worth their weight in gold. Don’t Underestimate Peer Learning 🤝 Luck isn't always about vertical movement; sometimes it's horizontal. I've been lucky to build a strong rapport with peers like Oliver, where we had a daily ritual of mutual feedback. This type of peer-to-peer learning can be just as invaluable as any mentorship relationship. Skill Meets Opportunity 🔨 While luck can open doors, it's your skills and dedication that will enable you to step through them. Keep pushing the boundaries, and don't forget to continually hone your craft. Your Turn 🎤 I'd love to hear your stories. Have you experienced a moment where luck changed the course of your career? Maybe it was a random meeting that led to a job offer or a chance occurrence that revealed new pathways? Let’s start a conversation below and learn from one another’s experiences. To your continued success and unexpected moments of luck! 🌟 Keywords: Serendipity in Procurement,How Luck Shapes Our Careers,self improvement,career development theories,self improvement podcast,self improvement journey,personal growth and development,richard wiseman luck factor,how luck shapes our careers,serendipity in procurement,personal development,career development planning,how to create a career development plan,what is career development,how luck shapes our careers are,how luck shapes our careers and,Christian Schuh