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About Video - Sherrod Seward on Petitioning as a Citizen for O-1 or P-1 Petition In this video, we discuss the nuances of using a U.S. citizen as a petitioner for O-1 and P-1 visa applications. This is crucial information for anyone navigating these visa processes. Key Topics Covered: 1. Understanding the Basics: Learn about O-1 and P-1 visas and the typical role of an employer as a petitioner. 2. When an Employer is Unavailable: Explore alternatives, including using a U.S. citizen as a petitioner. 3. Is It Appropriate?: Discover the appropriateness and potential pitfalls of using a U.S. citizen as a petitioner. 4. Potential Problems: Understand issues related to the lack of industry background and the need for clear roles. 5. Advantages of Professional Petitioner Services: Learn about services like Innovative Global Talent Agency and their benefits. 6. Practical Steps and Considerations: Get actionable advice on documentation, defining roles, and preparing for USCIS scrutiny. Using a U.S. citizen as a petitioner can be appropriate but sometimes problematic. This video provides insights and strategies to navigate this process effectively. If you found this video helpful, please like, comment, and subscribe for more updates. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further assistance. #O1Visa #P1Visa #ImmigrationLaw #SherrodSeward #SherrodSportsVisas #VisaPetitions #USCIS #SportsVisas #EntertainmentVisas #VisaStrategies #AthleteVisas #ProfessionalImmigration