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About Video - WEEKLY VLOG | A week in my life | gym + farm + work + latte art + fine dining, etc hey y'all, i had to rush the editing on this video, so let me apologize in advance if there are some glitches. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video - I will be going LIVE this Sunday to answer all the questions you have at 7pm GMT! Do join okayyyy Let me know your thoughts about this video in the comments section Before you go, don’t forget to check my other AMAZING videos😚 ⬇️ Moving Vlog - Weekend Vlog- Barista Vlog - Working in the warehouse - A day in my life as a photo model - Sub count - 2094 Timestamps 0:00- Intro 0:06 - Monday 2:23 - Tuesday 10:17 - Wednesday 15:28 - Thursday 19:55 - Friday 20:57 - Saturday 23:56 - Sunday Music Music by sunshine blvd. - There's Always Tomorrow - #weeklyvlog #aweekinthelife #productivevlog Keywords: Weekly vlog,Saskatoon living,Living in Saskatchewan,living alone,a week in my life,daily vlog,Working at Starbucks,Chelsea Ohenewaa,Living in Canada,productive vlog,University of Saskatchewan,A week in the life