About Video - Easy Tender & Delicious! CREAMY CHICKEN LIVER. Dinner in 30 Minutes. Recipe by Always Yummy! Chicken liver braised with sour cream, onion and spices in the pan comes out particularly tender and juicy. It literally melts in the mouth and will come to taste of grown-ups and kids. This dish is easy to cook, the main thing is to not overdo to have it soft and juicy. Chicken liver in sour cream cooked to this easy recipe is a perfect idea for tasty and healthy meal for whole family! Watch our video recipe and go ahead! ✅ Ingredients: • chicken liver – 1,8 lb / 800 g • onion – 10,5 oz / 300 g • garlic – 2 cloves • sour cream – 14 oz / 400 g • mustard – 2 tsp • butter – 1 oz / 30 g • salt to taste • pepper to taste • dried oregano – ½ tsp • dried basil - ⅓ tsp • dried thyme - ⅓ tsp ✔︎ You will need: • carving board • pan 📙 Preparation: 1. Cut the chicken liver into halves, remove the veins and fragments of green-yellow to have it not bitter. 2. Cut the onion into half rings. 3. Dry well the liver with paper towels and cut into pieces. 4. Heat a pan with the butter, add the onion and fry over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. 5. Push the onion to the sides making a space in the middle of the pan. 6. Fry the chicken liver by parts for 5 minutes over medium heat, not all the amount at a time as it will be boiled not fried then. 7. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste, the minced garlic, mustard, oregano, basil and thyme. 8. Stir and fry for a minute over medium heat. 9. Add the sour cream, stir and simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. 10. Serve the sour cream chicken liver hot having sprinkled with chopped-up greens. Mashed potato, pasta or boiled rice are perfect to garnish it. #dinner #chickenliver #alwaysyummy