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About Video - Vegetable Fried Rice | Fried Rice Recipe | vegetable fried rice in bengali | RCC43 Vegetable Fried Rice | Fried Rice Recipe Veg Fried Rice Recipe Vegetable Fried Rice has to be one of my all time favorite dishes. In this video learn how to make veg fried rice . Veg Fried Rice Recipe is an Indian famous recipe , that combines the flavours of beans and carrots and tossed with par boiled rice and sauces and spices, to offer you a recipe that you can enjoy with any side dish viz, veg manchurian @ Veg Fried Rice Recipe You don't have to go to a Restaurant to have your favourite Veg Fried Rice. Here is a very simple recipe to make it at home Follow the steps and try making this How to make vegetable fried rice Ingredients of Bengali vegetable fried rice - vegetable fried rice : 1. Basmati rice (2 cups). 2. Chopped carrot (1cup). 3. Chopped beans (½ cup). 4. green peas 5. Chopped cauliflower (½ cup). 6. Slitted green chilli (5 no). 7. Ghee (2tbsp). 8. Garam masala powder (¼ tsp). 9.1 bay leaves. 10 Cashew nuts (10 to 12). 11. Raisins (25 gm). 12. Refined oil (6 tbsp). 13. Salt (as per your taste). 14. Sugar (as per your taste). 15. Garam masala (¼ tsp). FOLLOW US ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA Priyanka Roy* (Facebook)- Facebook- 1723427217929527/ Twitter== Google+== subscribe : Keywords: Bengali Fried Rice,vegetable fried rice in bengal,fried rice in bengali,bengali fried rice recipe,Bengali Vegetable Fried Rice,veg fried rice recipe in bengali,veg fried rice in bengali,veg fried rice in bengali language,vegetable fried rice,fried rice,Veg Fried Rice,Vegetable Fried Rice,Vegetable Rice,fried rice recipe,vegetable fried rice indian style,vegetable fried rice recipe,how to make vegetable fried rice