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About Video - "Watch The Slap" - The Alvin Mills Projekt at the BIX Jazzclub Stuttgart - Volume 8 "The Alvin Mills Projekt" Volume 6 R&B - Souljazz - Fusion & Funk recently at the BIX Jazzclub Stuttgart - Alvin Mills - Bass - Obi Jenne - Drums - Matthias Anton Sax - Rainer Scheithauer - Keys - Charles Simmons - Vocal - live recorded on saturday 14th of october 2010 - with Canon EOS 5D MKII and Zoom H4n - by Bernd D. Behnk, OMNIPRESS Stuttgart video copyright 2010 by OmniPress™ Stuttgart, director of photography, video equipment sponsored by OmniFokus™ & OmniGlider™ member of the OmniLand™-group Keywords: The Alvin Mills Projekt,BIX,Jazzclub,Stuttgart,Bernd D. Behnk,OMNIPRESS,EOS 5D,Alvin Mills,Obi Jenne,Matthias Anton,Rainer Scheithauer,Charles Simmons,OMNILAND,OMNIFOKUS,OMNIGLIDER