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About Video - About Ssweven Industries Limited Ssweven Industries Limited is a group of energetic and vibrant Indians who dare to believe in the transformation of the country. We are dedicated to a mission and vision to rebuild the nation, to strengthen the nation, and to reunite the nation. Our roots are deeply inherited from the culture and values of ancient India. Yet we carry a modern vision integrated with the latest technology to play a pivotal role in the making of New India. Our values are everything to us, our vision is our target, and our virtues are selflessness and dedication. We are hardcore believers in Karma, which motivates us to keep our thoughts high and work to fulfill our dreams. Ssweven Industries Limited is structured in such a way that we can influence each one of us through various mediums. We want to bring in the change, in personal and professional living. We care about your personal well-being, we care about your job security, we care about the country's economic developments, and we also care about mother nature. To cater such needs, we are bringing new platforms to give you an opportunity to raise your voice and get an effective solution out of it.