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About Video - “Subject To” Speculation and Why It’s SO Hard to Find Cash Flow Episode #852 Is “subject to” real estate investing a mistake? Why is cash flow SO hard to find? And what do you do when you overpay for a property? With so many ways to build wealth with real estate, you’ll also need to be aware of the pitfalls. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up with a property you paid too much for, with no cash flow and empty pockets. Thankfully, this is BiggerPockets, so we’re going to give you all the tactics you need to make your next investment a home run. Put on your green-tinted goggles because David does NOT have a green light for this Seeing Greene episode. Due to this unforgivable offense, we brought another expert investor, Rob Abasolo, on to help David answer some of YOUR real estate investing questions. First, we hear from an investor who makes some great cash flow from her short-term rental but wonders if it’s worth all the work. Next, an investor finds out that his new build property is selling for a significant discount—can he get out of the deal? Similarly, an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) investor is looking to develop but doesn’t know the best way to finance his new construction. David also answers some questions from the comment section about why investors stopped chasing cash flow so much. And finally, a realtor is concerned about the amount of subto (subject to) “speculation” in today’s industry. Are his concerns legit? Stick around; we’ll get into it all in this episode! ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇 ~~~~ Expand Your Investing Knowledge With the BiggerPockets Books: ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area: ~~~~ Find Investor-Friendly Lenders: ~~~~ Apply to Be a Guest on the “BiggerPockets Real Estate” Podcast: ~~~~ Ask David Your Question: ~~~~ How to Fund Real Estate Deals Right Now w/Zach Lemaster: ~~~~ Don’t Chase Cash Flow! Use THIS Metric to Analyze Your Deals: ~~~~ Subject To Real Estate: Why Investors Should Add This Tool to Their Arsenals: ~~~~ Connect with David and Rob on BiggerPockets: David: Rob: ~~~~ Connect with Rob (Robuilt): Instagram: TikTok: X/Twitter: YouTube: ~~~~ Follow David and BiggerPockets on Instagram: @davidgreene24 or @biggerpockets or Show notes at: 00:00 Intro 01:46 Quick Tip 02:19 Are Airbnbs Worth the Cash Flow? 10:27 I Overpaid For a New Build! 16:02 How to Finance New Construction 19:56 Appreciation...But NEGATIVE Cash Flow! 22:44 No More Cash Flow? 28:39 Is Subto Just "Speculation"? 38:51 Ask Us Your Question! Keywords: subject to,cash flow,real estate investing,subto,real estate,invest in real estate,what is subject to,subject to real estate,subject to real estate investing,sub2,real estate cash flow,passive income,short term rentals,short term rental,airbnb,airbnb business,airbnb investing,real estate investing for beginners,creative finance,creative financing,rental property loan,rental property financing,construction loan,biggerpockets,biggerpockets podcast,podcast