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About Video - Tower Crane split View. Stripping huge Panels with construction crane! Smooth!!! ⬇️The Best Crane and Rigging Resource ⬇️ ⬆️ #1 📕4️⃣ Rigging and cranes 🏗️ ⬆️ Tower Crane Operator POV. Split View of the operator and also of what the operator is seeing. Heavy Brown finally uses the full screen. Shout out to everyone using a desktop or laptop that has been waiting for this. Stripping Panels with Potain 389. 5,000 pound panel comes off wall easily and experienced operator and rigger out panel down effortlessly. Appreciate how the machine moves!!!! #towercrane #construction #machinery #concrete #crane #operator #cranelife #builder #vancouver #constructionequipment Keywords: Crane,Crane operator,Construction,Tower crane